About Me

So Happy To Meet You!

I'm Katie, obviously. Hi. PSA- I'm a total introvert and strangers make me nervous but I love Jesus and even love you, too. I could tell you that I am a crafter of Bible Studies, podcaster, make-shift writer, encourager, and maker of the best home-made Mac-N-Cheese like ever, but while all of those things are true, I most closely identify with Messy. It's how I found Jesus, and it's what I desperately want to share with you also. The Lord wants you to know that messy is okay, that brokenness is okay. Married, Remarried mom of five, I found God on my bathroom floor and He hasn't left me since. You see, God came to heal the sick not the healthy. He comes to meet us right where we are. He doesn't ask that we get it all together first, that we dress up ourselves up to pretend we're something we aren't; He just says come.

The healing power of Christ and His provision over our lives is something that words cannot fathom. It's unfair to try and describe His holiness. Scripture became air for me. It taught me how to live again. It didn't teach me to live with my mistakes, but inspite of them and that is a healing on the power of God as Lord can offer.

I pray you will meet me here. Come alongside me and let's hold hands through this hard and fast thing we call life. I pray you will be encouraged and encounter Christ not as a God of judgment and misunderstand but of love and absolute Grace.

He loves you, so so much, does He love you. He wants you to know that no matter what the season or circumstance He is Lord up close and Lord far away. He wants you right here, this moment, right where you are to know you are loved. If you are close to God, I'm so thankful to walk this side of eternity with you until we make our way to our forever home, but if you are not, draw near. This is a place for mercy, in the best places, and in the messy ones.

So nice to meet you,