Not Perfect but Blameless

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Adult Bible School Devotional

Now when Jesus learned that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John, although Jesus himself did not baptize but only his disciples, so he left Judea and departed again for Galilee . When I opened my Bible and realized that I was looking at John chapter 4, after […]


Mom, I Know Why You Drank

I have a million words, and I also have none. My prayer is simple- that we would filter it all through your word and objectively consider it. That we would apply your peace and also your convictions and make necessary changes. God, we are sorry for any misrepresentation of who you are or what you stand for, but God, we are thankful that you knew of all of these things and that no error means no blood, and no blood would be no salvation. God, I accept your sacrifice and all of the responsibility that comes with it. Give us the capacity and give it for your glory and not our own. Thank you, God, for new mercies every morning, for second chances and seventh ones. Thank you, God, for you.


“I Sick Too”

I’ve been in desperate places before God lately. At the start of every day last week Haisten counted down the days to his birthday. Only 15 more days mama. Only 13 more days mama. Only 10. As a parent it was difficult for me to struggle with not being as excited as he was about […]

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“Mama, this hurts really bad when I touch it.” “Well baby, don’t touch. We’ve got to leave it alone and let it heal. Leave it be, it’ll be all better.” “Oh yeah, okay Mama.” She just took it. So matter of fact, that answer was okay with her. She left the bruise alone, but when […]


Touch It Anyway

The floor was cold and the walls were high, but at some point they had become transparent. I do not remember when I moved on from my identity as a happy high school cheerleader with all the friends and the confidence to talk to just anyone to who I found myself to be that night. […]

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Walls Are Not Boundaries

What does the truth even mean? I just finished reading the book of 1st Samuel but since finishing, I keep circling back to one chapter, one concept. What’s the truth there? Which is it? It kind of reminds me of that old game you would play in grade school. Everyone sits in a circle, one […]

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What is the Truth?