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Adult Bible School Devotional

Read Genesis Chapter 16; Chapter 17: 15-21 Early in chapter 12, God made Abraham a promise- your offspring will be more than the stars. Chapter 16 starts verse 1: his wife had bore him no children.  This was ten years after being promised a son and 15 years before the birth of Isaac. Have you […]

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Learning to Wait on Gods Plan

Im one of those have-to-have it all tucked away kind-of girls. I wish I werent; I hate that about myself, but I just am. I would bet I am one of the messiest organized people you have ever crossed paths with. Starting an unexpected new season in my life, things have been a little more […]


Philippians 3:7-8: The Life I planned for; The Life I Didnt get.

When my dad was still living, he told me Katie never throw the first punch, but if someone comes at you you finish it. Dont let anyone ever push you around. You wont be in trouble, I promise. I grew up with this mindset. Katie, no one else is going to take care of you […]


Philippians 4: 8-9: Dont start it, but Finish it

I sat in the passenger seat of my husbands truck and just cried as he and I talked the other day. I revealed to him that I had let my heart get twisted up and sideways- like he didnt already know I had let my priorities slip- and just how disappointed I was.. in me. […]


Philippians 4:11-13: You cant wash out Regret

How many of you have that ugh, just whatever kind of person in your life? The overly-likeable, all-put together, fictitiously decorated with perfected smiles and great character- kind of person. Yeah me, too. Having one of my heart to hearts with a friend of  mine and I had to make a confession. Im the literally […]

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For the people who dont deserve it

Today is my anniversary. Gosh, it’s been my favorite kind of chaos. One Sunday, two days before today, I came home from work. It had been an exhausting day- not the ‘my feet hurt because I’m a nurse working 12s’ kind of exhausted, but the tugg of feeling both immense joy but often disrupted by […]

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When I Told Her I Was Getting Married Mama Said, Well Baby Dont Wear Black.