Not Perfect but Blameless

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Adult Bible School Devotional

I’ve been in desperate places before God lately. At the start of every day last week Haisten counted down the days to his birthday. Only 15 more days mama. Only 13 more days mama. Only 10. As a parent it was difficult for me to struggle with not being as excited as he was about […]

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Happy Saturday, Friends! If you haven’t joined Adult Bible School and are still considering it, I wanted to share an excerpt to show you guys what it’s about. Three days of scripture reading and breakdown by yours truly, and on day four we review a character. After getting the scoop on Martha and the feel […]

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A Taste Of Bible School: Meet Martha

“I do not understand. Why are things still just the way they have been? Why do we have to do this over and over?” I know I have asked myself these same two questions an infinate amount of times. Even with the answers before me, I will likely ask them again. I have to believe […]

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Why Does This Keep Happening? The Answer.

I let my kids stay home from school today. We’re still in our pajamas.  We ate honey buns for breakfast. Call it irresponsible, maybe it is. There’s a million other things I need to be doing today as we prepare to move into our new home, but instead I gave horsey rides. I colored “in […]

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Satan Knows

“But God, that doesn’t feel fair.” I’ve said a thousand times, even when I’ve known better.  “This is not you, God. This doesn’t align with you. Aren’t your promises bigger than heartbreak? Show me You, Lord.” And of course He did… but not how I anticipated. Jesus is justified.  He does not do wrong. He […]

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Jesus is Just

When God speaks to you, it’s almost funny how things work out. Over the last several days I’ve had to remind myself, well my mouth really, where my priorities are. I’ve heard Gods voice, felt His little nudges.. y’all know the ones I’m talking about, right? So priorities- I have a little something to share…. […]

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No. My kids don't come first