Adult Bible School

64 students


“I can’t just read only the Bible; It doesn’t make sense to me.” I hear this often. I remember when it was me. I also remember sitting in my first Sunday School class, all adult-like, and feeling small because I literally knew none of the stories from the Bible that everyone was discussing. Don’t laugh but I actually considered reading a children’s Bible bedtime story book to try and “catch up”. Okay, laugh. It’s fine. I did too, but then I thought… what if there is really something to this? God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, right? So let’s make this fun! Inside this course you and I will walk through Old and New Testament stories in the Bible. We will break them down and roll them over in to our day-to-day lives. If you are in a season of I am tired or I am unsure, of but God or God why, and maybe even some of both with a little more of I just can’t anymore, please join me inside this five week course. Let’s learn together with intentionality all God has for us in these seasons, what He has always had for us even some two thousand years ago. I’m so excited to dive into this series with you guys and not only learn all of the ‘Bible Stories’ but also weave them into the mundane so we can live out our purposes to their fullest! Can’t wait to know you, come on in!



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