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Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders

Mess and Mercy is an online ministry and podcast that started in 2017. Founded on a floor of tears of its own, Mess and Mercy Ministries meets you where are regardless of where you have been. In this space, we meet one another in our messes, calling each other to real transparency with a desire to be fully transformed, fully well, and fully known. We do so with complete assurance that the Bible is real, God is Lord, and healing is both promised and made possible by the resurrecting power of the Gospel freely offered to us by Jesus Christ, our Savior and our Hope.

We believe in messes

behind the messy

Kristen is an avid lover of all things Jesus, dogs, and sunsets. Her relationship with God changed drastically in 2020 after the loss of her mother. Destined for more hard and holy things, following this loss there was no place left to look but up. This was her great collide with Christ. With the arms of Jesus open and her 'yes' on the table- Christ would not only heal Kristen but offer her a means to repurpose all of that heartache to advance His kingdom. Kristen responded to this opportunity through believer''s baptism, joining her sister, Katie, in this messy ministry in September of 2022.

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Katie is the founder of Mess and Mercy Ministries. She is of the Enneagram Type One descent. Principled, purposeful, self-controlled and a perfectionist; these were the ingredients that made up the recipe of her mess. Death was the plan but a new life is the story. Certain the amount of tears may actually reflood the Earth, Katie, introvert turned public speaker,  found an unquenchable desire for the study of scripture and an unrelenting command to share the news of the Gospel that confronts the souls we really are with the gentle opportunity to be resurrected into the purpose-filled souls we were created to be- made possible by the blood of Christ. Blood shed for me. Blood shed for you. Mess and Mercy was the result.

katie sanders


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To us, testimony matters.

Revelations 12:11 says this: "and they overcome him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony."

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