What If the Bible Were Real?

What If the Bible Were Real?

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What if the Bible were real? Of course it is. Of course the people were here, of course God gave a woman a child in her 90s, of course he spoke to a man about a building a boat for a flood when he had never seen rain, of course he saved three men from a firey furnace, of course he shut the mouth of the lion, of course he healed the blind, made a lot from a little, died and rose again, of course he did… Of course it is real. But why don’t we live like that? Join me for a lesson from Judges 6 and 7 on belief, faith, and what it is to know God is Lord and live like we believe it.

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  • This was so good ! I really needed to hear this!
    And I have been that person that will pray but I want it my way not God’s ! So thank you for that reminder .

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