Not Perfect but Blameless

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Adult Bible School Devotional

I’ve been in desperate places before God lately. At the start of every day last week Haisten counted down the days to his birthday. Only 15 more days mama. Only 13 more days mama. Only 10. As a parent it was difficult for me to struggle with not being as excited as he was about […]

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“Mama, this hurts really bad when I touch it.” “Well baby, don’t touch. We’ve got to leave it alone and let it heal. Leave it be, it’ll be all better.” “Oh yeah, okay Mama.” She just took it. So matter of fact, that answer was okay with her. She left the bruise alone, but when […]


Touch It Anyway

Fake it ’til we make it. It’s a phrase we say like it’s cute; I am going to pretend to be until I am. What’s sad, though, is we are the reason we feel like we can’t be ourselves. My husband and I were pulling in for sushi the Monday after I returned home from […]


What you look like VS who you are

I discovered early in my walk with the Lord what He called me to, well us.. Christians… This does not mean that I always did it, or suddenly became perfect as I grew, but I always understood. In the words of every Disney kid’s favorite bunny, “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing […]

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What Happens After You Watch Your Mouth?

A few weeks ago, after applying lipstick to her lips, my daughter Gracie added a little to her eye. She wanted to look pretty for Sunday night church. Looking through my pictures tonight and seeing this one brings me heartache and joy all at the same time. She had no idea how bad that lipgloss […]


But that’s condemnation

As people, we want solutions to our problems. From the age of teenie tiny, we fall down and we want something done. A kiss from Mama or a band-aide. If it’s a super duper ouchie we want both. As adults, band-aids look different, kisses do not have magic anymore, and we want bigger answers. A […]


The Wrong Mama, The Right Message