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We pray those prayers, “God mold me, make me, transform me, bring me closer to you,” and that feels all warm and fuzzy until we’ve crossed paths with what we’re asking for. We want it to be fair, to feel fair. Join me in a peak of 2nd Corinthians 12 and tackle the scripture “My […]

It Tickles Until It Doesn’t

Fake it ’til we make it. It’s a phrase we say like it’s cute; I am going to pretend to be until I am. What’s sad, though, is we are the reason we feel like we can’t be ourselves. My husband and I were pulling in for sushi the Monday after I returned home from […]


What you look like VS who you are

I discovered early in my walk with the Lord what He called me to, well us.. Christians… This does not mean that I always did it, or suddenly became perfect as I grew, but I always understood. In the words of every Disney kid’s favorite bunny, “If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say nothing […]


What Happens After You Watch Your Mouth?

A few weeks ago, after applying lipstick to her lips, my daughter Gracie added a little to her eye. She wanted to look pretty for Sunday night church. Looking through my pictures tonight and seeing this one brings me heartache and joy all at the same time. She had no idea how bad that lipgloss […]


But that’s condemnation

God will not always act like we think He would and should. Some problems really never have a solution, but I do believe they all have a revelation. I had to think about it, pray over it. God, if I cannot have an answer to why this is… what can I have? and He whispered “a revelation”

So naturally I googled it, because all of life’s real problems are naturally solved on google… and google said a Revelation is a divine disclosure or the action of making new or secret information known.

ehhhh, that was good, but God, what else, a little louder please… “look harder”

Revelation originates from the Latin word revelare which means to lay bare.


Job had everything taken away and he tore his clothes, shaved his head, and worshiped.

Bare and thankful.

Just because God is not responsible, does not mean that He is not aware. No matter what the source of pain, it has to pass through the loving and wise hands of God before it can touch us, and God? In the end, the access of our lives to Satan that causes us pain is not ever to gratify the devil but to glorify our God.


God Is Still Aware

I set my TV to record War Room months ago. I’ve never seen it, and I’ve heard how good it was. I didn’t need it for my marriage; I learned how to appreciate that the hard way. My husband has too. But God always has a message. The message is always on time. I was […]


God is a Good Defense Attorney

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