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The valleys and asking God why

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January 11, 2018

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  1. Benardchinua says:

    This is so encouraging. Few people have developed such culture of giving testimony. Yours is a commendable one.

  2. Benardchinua says:

    Sorry, I have come back with another comment. I Like the way you wrote…’there are things that we do not know’…I was reasoning the other day with my wife that if only we knew what God has for all of us in life, then we would not be troubled often with everyday activities. We would only take all the time to worship him. Thanks for sharing your message.

    • Gosh, that is so true. So many times were living life worried over the fine print of our lives and there’s an entire book to be read if we could only turn the page. I guess if we knew all the details that would take away our need for trust in a God that walks us through it. So glad you enjoyed the read!!

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