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Not Perfect but Blameless


When we feel vindicated in our actions and lost in our prayers

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February 28, 2018

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  1. Mary Dean says:

    Oh don’t I feel this post, Katie! I use to not have a speck of patience. I never prayed for patience, but God sure had plans to give it to me. I prayed over and over for things in my life. I even had a small army of people praying with me. Then one day as I poured myself out to God about the thing I just had to have right then (my brownie) He spoke to me. “You’re praying for the wrong thing.” It was such a clear thought through my tears and pain and I knew it came from Him. It wasn’t an audible voice but it was so much louder than a thought. Hearing that changed me. My prayers immediately changed. As soon as my desires and prayers changed, when I stopped being so selfish and sought to worship Him, my life changed forever. And He has blessed me more than I ever dreamed possible during all those years of selfish prayers. I got my brownie and then some.

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